Special Offer: free license for first users in India and Brazil

You can get a Call Office license absolutely free by acting before the end of this year! As we expand on the world market, the Company is giving out a free Call Office license to every first user in each country in exchange for the right to publish that user information along with a brief testimonial of their experience with the software. To get your free license, please e-mail us!

For more information about the offer, please contact our operators.

New version 3.10

Call Office updated. Key changes:

  1. The application's performance has been improved.

  2. The UI style has been renewed.

  3. Implemented a possibility to manage scripts in the console mode.

  4. Implemented the support of different chatbots.


We've created a presentation of our product. Check it out here:
Call Office Presentation.

Google speech recognition

Call Office has learned to use streaming voice recognition from Google, which supports over 80 languages and offers a number of unique capabilities, like streaming noise cancellation.

Google TTS speech synthesis in the new 3.05 version of Call Office

The new 3.05 version of Call Office features a possibility to use a Google service (Google TTS) for speech synthesis, a possibility to pronounce MP3 files, numerous  bug fixes and improved overall stability of the program. The use of the Google TTS service enables you to voice any text or database data, and you don't need to install any voice engines - all you need is uninterrupted Internet access.With this new text synthesis technology, you can create personalized messages inlcuding last and first names, patronymics, or any other information.

New Call Office version 3.03 is now available

This is the first official release of the software with English user interface. It features using Skype for sending out SMS or passing messages to Skype contacts. Handling data has become more sophisticated. The scenario start page now has the Data tab, where you can view or edit data using SQL queries. Prior to installing the new version, make sure that your update period has not expired. If the update period has expired, the new version of the software will run in the demo mode. Installing the software to a separate folder will switch the earlier installed version to the demo mode too. You can download the new version of the software here

Please note: until the end of this year, you can get a license to Call Office completely free of charge! Due to the expansion to the world market, our company gives a license to Call Office to every first user in each country of the world for the right to publish that user’s details along with a brief testimony on the person’s experience with the software on our website.

Available for testing the beta version 3.03 of Call Office software

In the new version added an English interface.

On the run the script adds the ability to work with data. Now you can use a standard or add your own SQL-queries to display or modify data. The number of requests by default depends on the insertion and changes in the script at work and can include all the records of candidates for the roll call, successfully or unsuccessfully obzvonennyh subscribers. There may also be included requests to clean up the number of attempts, the results of the call (sending messages) and the time of the last contact with the caller.

When installing a choice of language for the installation, in which are set up by default and demo database.

Before installing the new version, make sure that you have not ended the period updates. If the update period has expired, a new version of the program will run in demo

Download the newest version here

User personal account is available

User personal account has become available. In the personal account one can get the latest documentation of Call Office program, contact our support service, look through all your e-mail messages with Support Service, and communicate with other Call Office users.

Call Office supports D-Link DFM 562E and D-Link DFM 562IS modems now!

Call Office supports D-Link DFM 562E and D-Link DFM 562IS modems. Both of these modems have voice functions, support several voice data reduction algorithms.  With these modems Call Office can transmit voice messages and answer incoming calls. D-Link DFM 562E can identify the phone number using Caller ID.

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