We have created a perfect tool for automating business communications. Call Office 3.09 comes with a plethora of great new features and abilities.

1. Call Office has learned to use streaming voice recognition from Google, which supports over 80 languages and offers a number of unique capabilities, like streaming noise cancellation.

2. Multi-threading. Call Office now supports multi-threaded access to a data source for multiple independent threads of the program.

3. A special interface that makes it possible to create Call Office scripts without writing a single line of code. You can use it to create and edit scripts of any complexity.

4. All configurations are now supplied with a description of their workflow in the form of easy to understand instructions. We hope that this will help first-time users to faster familiarize themselves with the program’s interface and the subtleties of its configuration.

5. You can configure Call Office’s reaction to external events, such as the receipt of an email or creation/modification of an order status in a CRM.

6. We have implemented a mechanism of web requests that allows you to integrate Call Office with any Web App or Web Hosted Database. This can help organize interaction between Call Office and your remote database or WebCRM.

7. Support of email exchange (requires Outlook). Call Office can send and receive emails, get a list of emails from a specified folder, parse emails and sort messaged into different folders. For example, if you receive an order by email, Call Office will extract the relevant information from it and will call back to confirm. In a week, the system will send a text message with a reminder about the customer’s order.

8. When switching a call to an operator, it is now possible to use an information window with relevant details pulled from the database, e.g. phone number, order number, order total, etc.

9. High-quality voice messages can now be recorded directly from the program’s interface.

Apart from this, the product boasts the following:
10. Possibility to use several devices in a single configuration. For example, one for calls and another one for messaging.
11. Possibility to send/receive text messages over the SMPP/SIP protocol.
12. Possibility to launch configurations in the shell mode (no GUI).
13. Possibility to launch any applications from a script.


 Call Office 3.09

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