Call Office™ is a computer program that supports bulk voice calling with subsequent playback of a voice message, SMS messaging and creation of interactive voice response (IVR) systems. To achieve this, the program can use GSM modems, SIP gateways, SMS services, Skype or regular voice modems.

What Call Office can do

Automatic bulk voice calling and ring-up

Call Office can play the role of an automatic voice informer for delivering voice messages. It will automatically dial a phone number, play a message and switch the call over to an operator, if needed.

SMS and Skype messaging

Thanks to SMS messaging, you can contact each of your customers directly at minimal cost. Use bulk voice calling and SMS messaging in parallel to build a convenient and reliable channel of communications with your clients.

A smart answering machine

Call Office can work as an answering machine to receive, process and record incoming messages. Callers can interact with it using DTMF tones or voice commands.

Work statistics

Call Office will generate a report about the work done for each contact and save calls to audio files. This functionality will enable you to get more information about your customers and increase sales..

Competitive advantages

The program is easy to configure and does not require any special skills or knowledge.

It also does not require any additional hardware – all you need is a PC with Windows installed.

You are free to choose any phone company. Pick the one that works best for you.

The program works directly with any database and requires zero integration efforts.

Regular updates and improvements. Our team is hard at work making Call Office even better.

Personal remote support and maintenance. Our support team will help you configure the program to your needs.

Our team

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